We handle each shipment with the diligence and care as if it was our own

We are conscientious specialists

Constant change and re-planning are commonplace in our profession. However, this fast pace is not for everyone. Those professionals can succeed in this field in the long term who treat these situations as exciting challenges and regard them as tasks to overcome. We at United Shipping are a committed team working really hard and uncompromisingly while also having fun at the same time. Facilitating the movement of goods is the essence of life for us and we pride ourselves on getting parcels to their destinations on time and in due order, even if at the cost of difficulties we may occasionally encounter. It may sound crazy, but we enjoy such challenges.

How do we do it?

  • We do not require a partner identifier
    We do not require a partner identifier

    We are in direct contact with our clients and we search for and find the solutions that work best for them. As for us, no one is just one of many, we do not require a partner identifier or a package number when they come to us. We take into account different time zones and we always have a plan B and a plan C in place as well. This is what we call handicraft logistics.

  • We will inform you about everything on time
    We will inform you about everything on time

    As our client, you might get the impression that we can read your mind, because there is no need to inquire about the status of your shipment. We keep you informed and notify you of any changes without delay. We regularly send you a table summarizing the shipments en route, tailored to your needs, highlighting any possible changes in a clearly visible manner so that you do not need to search for them in intransparent reports.

We can serve you by any means

  • Transport by rail is an efficient and fast solution for the shipment of large quantities of goods over long distances. It is environment friendly and less hampered by transport obstacles.

    More about rail transport
  • Transport by road is a fast and flexible solution for the shipment of smaller quantities of goods over medium and short distances. Goods can be delivered this way directly to their destination.

    More about road transport
  • Transport by water is suitable for the shipment of small and large quantities of goods, it is one of the most environmentally friendly and economical modes of transport. It allows for global transport at a lower price.

    More about transport by water
  • Transport by air is a very fast and efficient solution for the shipment of goods over long distances allowing goods to be delivered quickly to any destination in the world.

    More about transport by air

What we are proud of

  • 0t successful contracts

    We already have 14,000 successful contracts behind us. If we added up the lengths of these goods’ journeys, we could reach Mars.

  • 0+ years of experience

    It is a basic requirement in our team for every one of us to have at least 10 years of professional experience.

  • 0% satisfaction

    98% of our nearly 1,000 clients have been completely satisfied and would be happy to work with us again.

Our clients about us

  • If we are faced with a seemingly impossible task, all I say to my colleague in procurement is: “Call your problem solver friend and get it done.” They are United Shipping.

    István Pál, Energofish
  • The sharing of information and consultation all went smoothly, the product was delivered intact. I recorded a video of the unloading and sent it to them as a thank you. They were so enthusiastic about the video and analysed it with such excitement that I realised at that moment that they were completely crazy. In the most positive sense of the word.

    László Farkas, Seed Imex Kft.
  • The only thing that comes to my mind about our work together which I think properly describes what I think of them is: Mission Impossible Completed. Thank you.

    Szilvia Palotai, Kerry Ingredients and Flavours Ltd.
  • So this is why I love you! You even dealt with my problem at the weekend! Thank you. This is why I chose you! Please let us know once it has left China and is really on the way of joy and happiness! :)

    Zsolt Németh, KISWIRE Szentgotthárd Kft.
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